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Future-Proof Your Workforce With Transformative Solutions Future-Proof Your Workforce With Transformative Solutions

Future-Proof Your Workforce With Transformative Solutions

Partner with Akademi GA to upskill and reskill your teams with digital mindsets, technical capabilities, and a growth culture that drives business success in collaboration with General Assembly - an enterprise leader trusted by 40+ of the Fortune 100.

Build agile teams that excel in a tech- and data-driven economy

Build agile teams that excel in a tech- and data- driven economy.

Get ahead in the race for top talent and deliver long-term business results with our individual and large-scale enterprise solutions. Upskill employees in existing roles, or reskill non-technical professionals for entirely new ones in technology, data, marketing, design, and product.

GA’s cutting-edge curriculum boosts employee productivity, engagement, and collaboration. We empower teams of all sizes with digital expertise and mindsets that meet market demands.

Technology Is Reshaping the Workplace — Is Your Team Prepared?

Technology Is Reshaping the Workplace — Is Your Team Prepared?

Over 80% of decision-makers in technology and engineering see a mismatch between the skills workers have, and the skills companies need to capitalise on emerging opportunities in tech. Employers will need to develop informed, cost-effective hiring and development strategies lest they fall behind.

How we can help

Unlock Digital Mindset
Unlock digital mindsets and leadership potential.

Benchmark individuals against industry standards with our assessment-led programmes, and craft personalised experiences that sharpen or build new skills. Improve digital literacy in areas like Agile methodology, customer-centric strategies, and growth activation. Our On-Demand and curated in-person and remote solutions create a standard vocabulary across teams.

“As a company recognised for its marketing expertise, it was key for us to accompany the deep transformation of marketing in the digital era by offering our employees and candidates the opportunity to benchmark themselves against the best marketers worldwide.”

Jean-Claude Le Grand,
Senior Vice President of Talent Development, L’Oreal


Drive Innovation and Efficiencies
Drive innovation and efficiencies with cutting-edge skills in tech, data, marketing, and more.


Equip employees with the digital knowledge and skills to excel in their career and tackle emerging business challenges. We’ll power tailor-made, high-impact programmes that help teams leverage fast-changing technologies and deliver real business value.

“This is completely unlike traditional training programmes where you go back to your everyday routine as soon as it’s over. The participants build projects, putting their newly acquired skills into action immediately...lean start-ups, the Agile Method, capacity to work in a multi-disciplinary context, presenting a project, and so on.”

Nathalie Dor,
Chief Digital and Acceleration Officer, BPN Paribas Cardif

Reduce Churn and transition
Reduce churn and transition existing talent into vital technical roles.

Build a diverse pipeline of skilled candidates by leveraging our talent pipeline as a service (TPaaS)* model. Reskill your existing workforce into open roles, or cultivate new talent through our innovative hiring and training TPaaS solutions.

“We realised that our knowledge workers had to become more proficient with technology…[and] that the envisioned change required a multi-year, multi-disciplinary, cross-functional effort involving HR and IT, as well as our innovation and data science teams.”

Gail Kelman,
Head of Learning and Career Development, Guardian

Why Companies Choose Akademi GA


We deploy a dedicated project team who will work with you to craft a tailored programme that serves your specific talent needs and business objectives.


Your team learns in a format that fits their goals and schedule. We employ a blended approach — including online, at your office, or at our campus in KL — to create an impactful learning experience.


Get access to world-class experts with experience at companies like Airbnb, Google, and IBM. Learners receive practical experience and advice through hands-on projects and scenarios they can immediately apply on the job.


Enterprise Clients Globally


Employees trained in our corporate programmes


Fortune 100 clients

Innovative Solutions for Your Team

At AGA, we provide you with solutions to digital talent transformation while unlocking the greatest possible value for your company. Our expert-informed assessments measure your employee's skills against industry-informed standards to assign targeted learning paths. Boost technical capabilities, and target core business goals with our industry-vetted workshops, and courses. 

Assess Skill Levels Across Teams + Roles

Assess Skill Levels Across Teams + Roles

Benchmark employees against 65K+ assessment takers to determine knowledge gaps, track progress, and certify the talent in your team.

Design Dynamic Programmes for Your Team

Design Dynamic Programmes for Your Team

Work with our Learning Experience Architects to build a holistic understanding of your needs, and develop unique, contextualised lessons that can be delivered globally, at scale.

Impact Your Company’s Bottom Line

Impact Your Company’s Bottom Line

Transform your team’s daily work through applied learning, hands-on experience, and real-world case studies they can immediately apply on the job.

The Standard Boards

GA works with leaders at the world’s top companies to map career paths, define skill requirements, and offer clear benchmarks for success. Our Standards Boards provide individuals and hiring managers with guideposts to steer strategic development.

The AI and Data Science Standards Board

Formed with top data and tech executives, the AI and Data Science Standards Board sets industry-backed benchmarks, facilitates hiring and career development, and defines excellence in the field.

Our Data Science Career Framework standardises skill profiles, guides our curriculum toward industry priorities, and develops talent at scale.

The Marketing Standards Board

Formed with CEOs, CMOs, and other top marketing executives at the world’s leading companies, the Marketing Standards Board sets industry-backed benchmarks, facilitates hiring and career development, and defines excellence in the field.

Together with the Board, we built the Marketing Career Framework to explain key functions that are applicable across all industries, company sizes, and stages of the business lifecycle.

The Design Management Standards Board
The Product Management Standards Boards

Let’s work together to give your team the digital mindsets and skills they need to take on new challenges.