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Data Analysis On-Demand Data Analysis On-Demand

Data Analysis On-Demand

A comprehensive foundation that equips students with the context, process, and tools to identify and communicate data-driven insights using Excel and SQL.

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On-Demand | 5 Units | 38 Lessons


‣ GA’s Data Analysis On Demand program is structured so you can explore new skills at your own pace, on your own terms.

‣ Learn foundational approaches to collect, analyze, and communicate with and about data.

‣ Dive into the essentials of an effective data analysis workflow. Then, get hands-on with critical data manipulation and visualization tools and processes.


‣ World-class curriculum.

‣ Creation of your own portfolio project.

‣ Downloadable study guides and project toolkits.

‣ A letter of completion.



‣ Marketers who want to better evaluate campaigns and ROI.

‣ Product managers looking to round out user research with quantitative analysis. 

‣ HR teams looking to identify talent insights.



‣ Use Excel and SQL to collect, clean, and analyze large data sets.

‣ Present data-driven insights to key stakeholders using data visualization and dashboards.

‣ Tell compelling stories with data.

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Course Outline

Unit 1: Data Wrangling

  • Data analysis framework, finding the right data, identifying and handling problematic data, harnessing the power of functions.


Unit 2: Exploring Data

  • Data profiling, creating tables, charting and visualizing data, logical functions.


Unit 3: Interpreting Data

  • Statistical thinking and design, interpreting data with PivotTables, measuring the relationship between variables.


Unit 4: Communicate Insights

  • Telling a good story, designing effective visualizations, planning and building dashboards.


Unit 5: SQL

  • Exploring data with queries, refining searches, modifying text query results, null values, aggregation, joining tables.


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