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Digital Marketing On-Demand Digital Marketing On-Demand

Digital Marketing On-Demand

Enhance your job performance or indulge your creative curiosity. Digital Marketing On-Demand is a fun, flexible learning path that gives you a robust introduction to digital marketing fundamentals.

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On-Demand | 5 Units | 66 Lessons


‣ A powerful foundation to equip marketers for success in the digital age. Covers cutting-edge digital techniques like analytics and classics like segmentation. 

‣ Hone techniques in segmentation, customer insight, CRM, analytics, automation, and more. Apply new skills to work or passion projects as you go!

‣ Skill up when you want, where you want on our dynamic online platform. Expert mentors keep you motivated with guidance and feedback in convenient 1:1 sessions.


‣ World-class curriculum.

‣ One-on-one sessions with an expert mentor, who can break down concepts, answer questions, and offer project feedback.

‣ Expert guidance through the creation of your own portfolio project.

‣ Downloadable study guides and project toolkits.

‣ A letter of completion.


‣ New marketers gaining foundational skills. 

‣ Experienced marketers updating their skills.

‣ Onboarding or training marketing teams.


‣ Apply core digital marketing skills like market research, SEO, and funnel optimisation on the job.

‣ Launch multi-channel brand, acquisition, and retention campaigns.

‣ Add new skills to your resume and advance your career.

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Course Outline

Unit 1: Customer Insight 

  • Market research, audience segmentation, developing and using personas, mapping the customer journey.


Unit 2: Creative Development 

  • Setting objectives, writing briefs, adhering to brand, content strategy, content creation, adapting to the audience.


Unit 3: Marketing Channels

  • Social media, display advertising, digital video, traditional media, direct, SEM/SEO, owned/earned media.


Unit 4: Measurement and Analytics

  • Measuring business impact (LTV, CAC, ROI), KPIs, cohort analysis, testing, optimisation, multi-touch attribution.


Unit 5: Marketing Technology

  • CRM and personalisation, analytics, testing and optimisation, CMS, marketing automation, ad tech, data management.


Approved by the Marketing Standards Board

This programme was created with the Marketing Standards Board, a group of industry executives working to establish universal standards for success in the field.

The Board created the Marketing Career Framework and Certified Marketer assessments to define key skills and transparent pathways for marketing careers and facilitate talent hiring and development.