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User Experience Design On-Demand User Experience Design On-Demand

User Experience Design On-Demand

A comprehensive foundation that equips students with the context, theory, tools, and practice to design and prototype solutions.

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On-Demand | 5 Units | 29 Lessons


‣ GA’s User Experience Design On Demand programme is structured so you can explore new skills at your own pace, on your own terms. 

‣ Learn foundational tools, techniques, and design principles to create intuitive products that delight users and solve their problems.

‣ Establish creative confidence and enhance your critical-thinking skills, driving decision-making with user-backed insights.


‣ World-class curriculum.

‣ Creation of your own portfolio project.

‣ Downloadable study guides and project toolkits.

‣ A letter of completion.


‣ New designers gaining foundational skills. 

‣ Non-designers (e.g. engineer or product manager) adding a complementary skill.

‣ Onboarding or training teams.



‣ Apply core UX techniques like user research and prototyping on the job.

‣ Create digital experiences that better serve audience needs.

‣ Add new skills to your resume and advance your career.

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Course Outline

Unit 1: User Research

  • Conducting user research, competitive analysis, affinity mapping, defining your user’s problem, creating personas. 


Unit 2: Information Architecture

  • Information architecture, card sorting, designing intuitive navigation.


Unit 3: Sketching and Wireframing

  • Sketching and wireframing, wireflows and design tools. 


Unit 4: Prototyping and Testing

  • Prototyping, usability testing, synthesizing and communicating test findings.


Unit 5: Visual Design

  • Essential concepts of design, color theory, typography for the web.